Port Hacking Putters Regatta

On Sunday 3rd February, there was a Putters and wooden boat regatta. Over 60 boats took part, travelling at a speed of 4 knots up the Port Hacking river in Sydney's south. A putter is a boat that runs on diesel. They were used for fishing or picnics in the past and today the owners... Continue Reading →

Australia Day

Australia Day is the 26th January and is a public holiday across the nation. Most people head for the beach and have a picnic with friends and family. Sydney Harbour has a ferry race and there are fairs at many parks. In 1788 the first fleet arrived from Britain and it was the day our... Continue Reading →

The Australian Museum

The Australian museum is one of those places that you visit on school excursions growing up, or you go on rainy days with your parents to see the latest exhibit. There are some exhibits that have been there forever that I always love to see, like the insect collection and the rock collection. They also... Continue Reading →

Sydney New Years Eve fireworks

Every year the fireworks in Sydney Harbour get bigger and better, apart from a few pacific islands and New Zealand, we are the first to celebrate NYE. Our fireworks are pretty good and there are many places to view them from. New years eve was a very hot day and many people got to their... Continue Reading →


This time of year, Australians are either at the beach or at the 'Boxing Day sales'. The day after Christmas is a public holiday called Boxing Day, then the shops open again for their Boxing Day sales. The shops are too busy for me so I go to the beach. This is Stanwell park just... Continue Reading →

Christmas time part 3

In some areas of Australia, Santa makes a visit to the kids in the street. A sleigh pulled by reindeers is just impractical, so yesterday, Santa came on the back of the rural bush fire brigade truck. The volunteer firefighters give Santa a hand, handing out candy canes to the children. Luckily it wasn't too... Continue Reading →

Christmas time part 2

Carols in the park The local Baptist Church put on a huge show for carols in the local park The crowds got bigger as the night went on. You could pat a snake Or play dress ups with Mary and Joseph Even the three wise men were there It was a great night with singing... Continue Reading →

Christmas time part 1

Schools are winding up and parents around Australia are enjoying/ enduring Christmas plays. They tend to be about going to the north pole, while everyone is in t shirts. Christmas carols are sung and gifts are given to the teacher.

Mt Keira, Wollongong

Today we went rock climbing at Mt Keira at Wollongong. Wollongong is the 10th largest city in Australia, just 40 minutes drive south of Sydney. It has some great beaches, a university and the mountain range which includes Mt Keira to the west. This is the view of Wollongong and surrounding towns from Mt Keira.... Continue Reading →

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