25 Million Australians, most of whom don’t surf!

This month Australia’s population reached 25 million for the first time ever. They don’t know who the 25th million person was, but chances are it was either a new born baby or a migrant. Sydney’s population is around 5 million, which is the largest city in Australia, followed by Melbourne. Sydney is not the capital of Australia, Canberra is. Canberra is located inland, about halfway between the two cities.

Sydney is a great place to live. The beaches along the east coast give Sydney a more relaxed vibe than Melbourne. The Eastern and Northern Suburbs are more expensive to live, because everyone wants to live by the beach. It is also where most of the backpackers go. Cronulla, in the south is also more expensive than the other southern suburbs due to the expanse of beaches.

7843203758_f42f89423e_oTherefore, many Sydneysiders, with families, live in Western or Southern Sydney. I drove my son to his Rugby game in Blacktown, from our home in Southern Sydney and with no traffic, it took an hour. Sydney is sprawled. Because of this, many people in Australia can’t surf and actually will say they don’t like sand! Also our sun burns like hell, so you need to apply sunscreen even on cloudy days or else you will look like a beetroot.


Cronulla beach, southern Sydney in winter

Melbourne doesn’t have a beach, only a bay, so even less Melbournites surf or hang out at beaches. The city of Melbourne is really easy to get around and has more of a European feel than Sydney.

So, don’t expect every Aussie to be surfing waves and spending every day at the beach, because unfortunately that stereotype isn’t true. I gave surfing a try, and IT IS HARD. I’ve been hit on the head with a board, caught in a rip, swallowed half the ocean and almost drowned once. In saying that, my husband, Gergo, from landlocked Hungary, persevered and can safely say, he can surf.

So, if your dream is to move to Australia and surf, it is possible!

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