Strange Weather…

NSW is 100% in drought.


7175579639_934cab8019_o (1)

South coast, near Ulladulla

My son went to school yesterday dressed up like a farmer, and took along $5 to donate to the cause. Some farmers are really struggling. For the first time in recorded history, 100% of the state of NSW is in  drought

Over the last 10-20 years farmers have noticed the environment becoming dryer and hotter, some even selling up and buying land in Tasmania, further south where it is cooler. These farmers may have been sceptical of climate change, but they can’t argue with profits. This has been particularly so with vineyards such as Brown Brothers.

We are experiencing hotter, more extreme weather. So what is the weather like here? Well, our Summers are hot, and are in December, January and February. Having a hot Christmas, which involves swimming in the pool and eating a roast lunch is normal to me. I never realised that if you came from the Northern hemisphere, it is not normal. We decorate a tree a couple of weeks before Christmas, shops spray fake snow on windows, we give each other Christmas cards with pictures of snowmen and someone swelters under a Santa suit in 35 degree heat.


So, many Europeans and Americans don’t really feel homesick.

Winter is June, July and August in Australia. Today, the weather was between 10-17 degrees, which probably sounds quite warm. One thing that people find really surprising is winter IS COLD. Our houses are built for Summer, not Winter. I HATE WINTER. Everyone here hates Winter. If it is 10 degrees outside the house, it feels like 5 degrees inside the house. Cosy is not a word we use very often, because Winter kills more people here than in Sweden. Our houses are really just lovely looking tents when it comes to insulation. So be warned about this.. I told you.

In general, the further North, the hotter the weather. Darwin is about 33 degrees all year round, but is rainy half the year. Tasmania is a lovely little Island South of the Mainland. I would never go there in Winter, but I did go hiking there once in Summer and it snowed.


Summer in Tasmania

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  1. It can feel cold here in Australia, and many homes here are certainly geared towards keeping cool in summer as opposed to keeping warm in winter. Turning up the heating at home in winter is one option to stay warm but it does hurt the electricity bill!

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