Who am I?

My name is Melissa and I’ve lived all my life in Australia (apart from a 3 month stint in London). I’ve never really considered what life was like living here until I married my Hungarian husband Gergo. We have a son Oliver and live in Sydney.

To say there have been culture clashes is an understatement! They have ranged from food, to dressing, to manners, to raising children, to sport and food, and more on food…

This is Gergo and I at a wedding in Sydney, with the Opera house behind us.

Gergo also had to apply for citizenship, and our son was a citizen before he was!



This is Watsons bay, 30 minutes drive from Sydney CBD.

When you live and grow up in Australia, it’s hard to believe other nations have pre-conceived notions about the way we are, our lifestyle and our work life. So that’s why I started this blog, for people thinking of moving to Australia to break down those myths before they make the big move.



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