Surprises About living in Australia- Part 1

My husband’s Hungarian family lived with us in Australia for a year, and I constantly amused them with ‘normal’ things I did or said. Here is a list of memorable moments

  1. Shoes. We do not take our shoes off when we enter a house, and we often don’t put them on when we go outside. At the beach, around the beach, people often don’t wear shoes. If someone wears shoes on the sand, that is just weird. Sometimes you may see someone in the street with no shoes, but I think that’s going to far. Also thongs are shoes, not underwear, they are worn everywhere.
  2. Teasing. Australians tease or ‘pay out’ or ‘take the piss’ to show friendship. We tease each other a lot.


3. Security. I live in a safe part of Sydney. I know of areas that are not as safe, so usually I know when to leave my bag on the ground and walk away, and everything will still be there when I walk back. At the beach people leave their thongs in one spot and return an hour later to put them back on. If sunglasses are found on the ground then someone will pick them up and put them in an easier to see spot, like a fence post. Often my Mother In Law told me to put my wallet deeper in my bag, but I really didn’t need to.

4. Internet. We have terrible internet. Seriously, it is slow and can drop out. The Government has introduced a National broadband network, but I am yet to benefit from it.

5. Winter is cold. I’ve said this before. The Hungarians expected to wear t-shirts all day inside in the middle of winter! Crazy! I talk about this in this post

Stay tuned for part 2..

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