Surprises About Living in Australia – Part 2

As I said in my last post, the Hungarians found some things that Australians did quite different. Here they are-

  1. Toilets. When you go to the toilet here (we don’t call it a WC or the bathroom) you don’t pay money. Also most public toilets have toilet paper. An old fashioned word for toilet is the Dunny. We also say ‘the ladies’ or ‘gents’. Once on a field trip with some Americans, we were in the middle of the bush and one wanted to go to ‘the bathroom’. We all looked at her confused because we were in the middle of the bush, there was only a port-a-loo (portable toilet) available. Also we call it a loo.
  2. Friendly. We are friendly! Outside of the CBD and very busy places, like the Eastern Suburbs, we say hello to each other as we pass in the street. We strike up conversations with each other, particularly if we have kids with us. The best way to make good friends with Australians is to pick one activity and do it a lot. I made a lot of good friends when I joined a Surf Lifesaving club. Another one of my friends got right into running and made a lot of good friends. Another one liked Mountain bike riding and made friends through that.

3. Australia is Expensive. Our minimum wage is quite good, which it should be. The problem is, in cities the rent and mortgages are a lot! Dining out isn’t cheap or drinks. Childcare is expensive, which means some mothers decide to work part time.

4. Public transport is shit. Get a car. Immediately. You will need one.
Stay tuned for part 3.

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