Surprises about living in Australia – Part 3

Here is part 3 of surprises encountered…

1. Food. I think our food is pretty good. Due to multiculturalism, in large cities it is quite easy to buy most foods from around the world. Most Aussies can cook at least a Spaghetti Bolognese, Asian Stir Fry, Schnitzel and meat with 3 vegetables (this is a standard Aussie meal). When we go out for a meal, there are Japanese,  Lebanese, Italian, Chinese, Thai and Indian restaurants in most suburbs. We are close to Asia so we have a lot of Asian restaurants. Most smaller towns have a Chinese restaurant. However, Europeans may notice the cheese or salami may be a bit different. The sour cream is a different consistency here. So, our fresh produce, meat and fish are excellent, but you will notice some herbs or spices are harder to find.

2. Tall poppy Syndrome. We do not boast. Australians are very humble about their achievements or else they are told to ‘pull their head in’.


Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

3. Nature. Our nature is awesome. Our birds are awesome. Our beaches are awesome. Most Australians have not seen the desert or really want to see Uluru. Maybe when we are older, but it can wait. Also, kangaroos are not usually jumping down the street or found in backyards. They tend to hide in the bush (forest).



4. English. We expect people to learn english if they are to live here. This is a big one. It shows that you think the country is good enough to live in but the people are not good enough to talk to if you can’t speak english. You can’t get permanent residency here if you can’t speak english. My mother in law tried every day to improve her english and it was great to see. I picked up a lot of Hungarian words (particularly the swear words) so between us we could make ourselves understood.

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