The birds

I hate birds. I think I got this fear from when I was little. My dad sent me into the bird cage to clean it out. I was small enough to go in there and the canaries would perch on their little branches looking down at me. I don’t think they appreciated the lengths I went to to clean their cage.

Now as an adult, my new fear of birds extends to swooping magpies.

Street art, Caringbah

In a couple of days it will be spring which means magpie breeding season. In parks around Australia, kids will be running away from magpies swooping down at their heads. Bike riders will have spiky things protruding from their helmets as an extra protection from the magpies. Runners will have to run extra quick under certain trees while holding up their hands for some protection.

There are some beautiful birds admired from afar. Cockatoos, Kookaburras, Rainbow Lorikeets, Australian King Parrots and Galahs are all found around suburban houses and are beautiful.

Australian King Parrot in our backyard.

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