Spring has sprung!

Finally it is the first day of Spring! We also got some rain last night which was most needed.

Here is a picture of the first flower on this bush in my front garden. The large majority of Australian plants are evergreen, they don’t loose their leaves. So our trees are green all year round. Some Europeans feel that we don’t experience 4 seasons. Only a small part of Australia experiences snow and the sky can be blue and sunny throughout the year. We have storms and cloudy days, but this is the weather above my head where I am sitting.

Australia is a very old continent. Aboriginal people have been here for over 60 000 years. The land has no tectonic plates running through it and our volcanoes have been extinct for ten’s of thousands of years. This means our soil is very poor in nutrients and our plants have evolved to suit this.

Many Australian plants have small leaves and the flowers can have no petals, like the bottle brush and eucalyptus flowers.

Bottle brush

Our plants have also evolved to cope with minimal water, by having a waxy cuticle (outer layer on the leaf) and having small leaves helps with this too. Bushwalking can leave you with many scratches on your legs, so wear long pants!

Eucalyptus trees, Karloo pools, Royal National Park, Sydney.

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      1. Thank you. Oh, I would love to live in Oz, but it is quite difficult as a Swiss to get a visa you can live on and work with, unfortunately. If you know ways, please, gladly share them with me 🙏🏼🙃🌟. Have a wonderful day 🌺!

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