My poor lemon tree

This is a picture of my poor lemon tree

It doesn’t look well. I planted it 4 years ago and so far I’ve had one lemon grow. This is what happens to a leaf that thinks it can survive outside the netting.

The deer that roam through my backyard just have their way with it. The compost bin in the background of the photo is another gourmet food source. I wouldn’t mind so much if they opened the lid, had a little bite to eat and then replaced the lid when they were done, but no! The next morning I’m cleaning up after the local deer party.

That’s him, lurking in the shadows under my house.

Deer are not native to Australia. The breed is Indonesian, probably bought here by the English. I live near a park and they wonder into the surrounding areas. They also scratch my car as they walk past in the night. They have no predators, so the only effective way to control their numbers is by park rangers shooting them (yes, we do have guns in Australia).

They are considered a pest, which is why they are culled (shot). They destroy native flora by eating new shoots and damaging trees with their antlers.

It is nice to be cooking on the BBQ in the afternoon and watching a deer family with a little fawn walk past, but I would like to grow a lemon.

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