Street art Caringbah, Sydney Part 1

Caringbah is a suburb in Sydney’s south. It is an area that is plagued by vandalism. The council decided to do something about it by employing artists to paint murals on the walls.

Participating artists: Zac Bennett Brook, Oz King, Maid, Lord Mischief & Camo, Mulga, Mayonaize & Peque, Onejessa, Ears, Pudl & Snarl, George Rose & Phibs, Mistery, Porno Graphics, Whom & Keys, Scott Marsh, Born Ready Art, Georgia Hill, Nico & Studio Dennis, Nicole Reed, Suchis & AWOL Creations, Karen Farmer, YOWA, Krimsone, Mike Watt, WIE 2 & Sven and Camo.
In March, people could walk around and watch the artists at their work.

I like the Australian birds, animals and plants.

I’ll include more in my next post.

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