Do Australians have a good work life balance?

No, a lot of us do not. It’s 10.15 pm and I’m working at home. I think some people see Australians as lazy and having one big picnic at the beach, but we work hard.

A rare picnic at the beach

The problem is both renting or owning a property in a large city like Sydney or Melbourne is expensive. That means you have to work. Working hours are getting longer.

We do get 4 weeks off a year and the odd long weekend, but with a family, you do need to make time to spend together.

Most schools have before and after school care available, which we pay for, because of the long hours we work.

Childcare is very expensive. Some mothers think financially they are better off not working and stay at home to look after their little kids. We get 14 weeks paid maternity leave and then 1 year off leave without pay, and we return to our jobs in the same position. However some mothers choose not to return or try to negotiate part time work.

It’s Friday night, I’m ready for sleep and the weekend!

8 thoughts on “Do Australians have a good work life balance?

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  1. I’m from Oregon and I’ve always wanted to visit Australia. Hopefully we can make it happen one day. The one thing I do know: I would be messed up with your seasons. Cold in July, hot in December? That’s impossible!!!!!

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  2. Sounds exactly like here in Canada. In most of the major metropolitan cities, owning property(a house/condo) is becoming something only the rich and well-off two person incomes can afford. It was recently published that in Toronto an average house price was $1.2 million CDN. More and more people are moving further outside these larger cities to live. Creates longer work day, longer commutes. When the weekend shows up..who has any energy?

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  3. Many people have this vision of Australia as a Utopia for everything, but don’t realise how very expensive it is to live in this country and it’s getting worse. So, everyone needs to work longer hours as salaries are not increasing at the same rate as living costs.

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