A new bicycle track through the mangroves.

This year a new bicycle track was open along Botany Bay, in Sydney’s south. It was the last 5km of a 43km route.

The walkway/cycle way blends into the natural environment while making it safe for the general public and migratory birds.

A lot of rusted iron was used in the construction in an artistic way.

This area has been heavily polluted in the past from nearby industry, dredging and oyster farming. The oyster jetty is unsafe to walk on, but is a nice historical feature of the landscape.

There is also an old ‘Nissen hut’ which was used to house immigrants after WWII. It was moved to this area for oyster processing.

In the past, mangroves were not seen as desirable areas. They were dredged, filled in and built on. Today their importance for migratory birds is understood. This walkway is a fine example of how government can incorporate the environment, education and provide areas of recreation for the public.

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  1. Whoa, love this. Living in Sydney Olympic Park a few years back, I loved riding through mangrove forests. I am sure this is an awesome ride along the Botany Bay! Gotta try it one day when I am hopefully back in Oz.

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