Kangaroos, mother of the year, or maybe not?

Kangaroos are found all over Australia, in every habitat. Snow, desert, rainforest, beach scrub, dry sclerophyll, you name it, they are there.


Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Some are big, small, red, grey and can even climb trees. They have great names too, such as the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby, which, as the name suggests, is found hopping up rocks with their yellow feet just north of Broken Hill. The Pademelon is about 50cm tall and only lives in Tasmania.



65 million years ago Australia separated from Antarctica and has been traveling north ever since. During this time, the few marsupials diversified. There was even a period of megafauna, with giant kangaroos, wombats and lizards. About 40 000 years ago they died out and we are left with the amazing animals we have today.


Grey Kangaroo

Kangaroos are a breeding machine. They can have a baby developing inside her, another young in the pouch and another joey at her feet. She can produce 2 different types of milk to cater for her young and can even pause her pregnancy in stressful times, such as during a drought. Such care is not seen in many animals. But what is the advantage of a pouch? If you are being chased by a predator, you can toss them the joey!

Maybe not the best mother after all…

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