Sydney sightseeing

Today I was a tourist in my own city. I managed to see all the sights for free in one morning, walking at a leisurely pace. I also managed to keep clear of shops and enjoy the beauty of the city and it’s history, minus the commercialism. There are a lot of stairs, so this route is not really pram friendly, but if you have moderate fitness and a morning to spare, this is a great walk to appreciate the city and its surrounds.

I started the morning early, catching the 8.00am train from Sutherland station. I got off at Town Hall and waited 2 minutes for the train to Wynyard station.


I met some friends nearby and walked about 1km to Stargazer lawn at Barangaroo. This area is quite new and there is still some construction going on, but the gardens and sandstone they have used works in well with the area.  For years it was a disused container depot in the middle of the city, until the government finally realised its potential.

The view was great and by this time it was 9.30 in the morning, so we sat down and had a bite to eat.

From there we walked towards the Rocks, and passed the historic Lord Nelson Pub.

We then followed Argyle street to the Argyle steps which led up past the Glenmore Hotel and underneath the Harbour Bridge.

Further steps led us up to the Harbour Bridge which we walked across, stopping to take photos of the Opera House.

This is the view from the Harbour Bridge.

At the other end of the bridge is the suburb Kirribilli, which is full of cafes.

We had a coffee and walked down to the ferry wharf, at Luna Park.

A short ferry ride took us back to Circular Key in the city.

From there we made our way to the Opera House, but needed to stop for refreshments while admiring the Harbour.

By this time, it was midday. We walked around the Opera House and then through the Botanical gardens. We continued on though the Domain, past the Art gallery and stopped at St Mary’s Cathedral at 1pm.

Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool, as seen from the Botanical Gardens.

St Mary’s Cathedral is named after Australia’s first saint, Mary Mackillop, who educated the poor.

From there, we ate Thai for lunch nearby and then headed back to the train station at 2.30. In total we probably walked about 10km, but we had plenty of breaks and saw the city like tourists, which was nice, as it is a beautiful city.

What would you like to see in Sydney?

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  1. Being a tourist in your own city and feeling this joy and excitement every day is a great opportunity in life! I live in Antalya, a very beautiful city in Turkey. I started an Instagram account a while ago, which is called Show Me Antalya. I then understood much better that I am very lucky. You are lucky, too since you live in a beautiful country. I haven’t had a chance to visit Australia yet though… 😦

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  2. Yay! I agree with everyone here that it is awesome to be a tourist in your own town or city, especially when it is such a nice day! 🙂 The botanical gardens sound like a perfect place to explore, it must be so nice by the harbor with a bit of a sea breeze.

    I have never been to Aus, so I guess I’d probably want to do a walking tour around Sydney and see as much as I could on foot.

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