Conversations in a caravan park

I’m holidaying in a caravan park this week at a place over 2 hours drive south of Sydney. I was walking in the same direction as a girl, who was about 10 years old and we struck up this conversation.

Me ‘hello’

Girl ‘hello, I’ve lost my grandparents’

Me ‘oh, are you lost?’

Girl ‘ no, my dad is here, but I was going for a walk with my grandparents and they left without me. I know not to leave the caravan park.

Me ‘that’s good’

Girl ‘my uncle died’

Me ‘oh, that’s sad’

Girl ‘yeah, my grandma is still a bit ‘

Me ‘upset?’

Girl ‘yeah, upset about it. He died on New Year’s Eve, he was only 28’.

Me ‘that’s young’

Girl ‘no one knows how he died, they think he died in his sleep. You remind me of my friend who is 10’.

Then she saw someone she knew and I didn’t see her again after that.

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