Where to go on holidays?

Last night I slept by the sounds of the Pacific Ocean as kangaroos and wombats moved silently around our tent.

My friends and I have driven 2 and a half hours south of Sydney to a little town on the coast called Bendalong. It is situated on a headland, with a surf beach named after the town on one side, and a calmer inlet called Boat harbour on the other.

At Boat harbour stingrays swim close and people feed them in the shallow water.

Feeding the stingrays

One Tree Beach is very secluded and rocky.

This area is located in the Shoalhaven area and is between two larger towns, Nowra in the north and Ulladulla in the south. The town of Bendalong has a population of 95 people.

The best way to experience this place is by staying at the caravan park which takes up most of the headland. We stayed in tents but there are also cabins.

The beaches here are pristine and the water clear. The water is still very cold and you need a wetsuit to go in the water. People spearfish, surf, fish, bushwalk or just relax in nature.

Where do you get back to nature?

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