When kangaroos attack and the dangers of camping

We are camping in a truly wonderful spot, with the smell of the ocean and the trees protecting us from wind, but we had an incident last night. We left our rubbish hanging up on the outside of the tent.

Something was determined to eat our rubbish. We woke to the sound of our paddle boards moving and the tent being pushed. There was a light outside shining on our tent, revealing the silhouette of a big muscular kangaroo. This was all happening very close to my husband’s head, and he woke with a start and punched the side of the tent. He thinks he made contact with the kangaroo, which gave him another fright, but it didn’t stop him eating. It was raining, dark and cold outside, so we rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. The kangaroo won in the end and left a big mess for us to clean up in the morning.

The kangaroos also provided an extra challenge if you felt like playing lawn bowls.

This guy got a bit too close for comfort while we were enjoying our breakfast.

2 thoughts on “When kangaroos attack and the dangers of camping

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  1. Kangaroo deposits sure make golf challenging! It’s a uniquely Aussie experience, putting through an obstacle course of fibrous kangaroo crumbs. But where would we be without the lovable little guys?

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