Sutherland Farmers Market

Around Australia you can find markets where farmers come into metropolitan areas to sell their produce. Some are once a month, but others like the market in Sutherland, in Sydney’s south is every Saturday morning.

I like it because I can walk there with my shopping bag, buy some fresh fruit and veggies, have a coffee and walk home. I know it’s fresh and it’s coming from the farmers.

My first stop was for some organic fruit and veg from Rita’s farm. They have been growing organic produce from Kemps Creek and Wallacia at the foot of the Blue Mountains for over 15 years.

My son wanted a massive donut, so we went to ‘Bake my Day’. He ate all the icing off the top and then the donut.

I needed a loaf of bread, so we bought a loaf from ‘Thorough Bread’. I’ve had their fruit loaf before which was delicious. They have a warehouse behind McDonald’s at Kirrawee and will be opening a shopfront there in about 2 months. Their bread is organic and they use filtered water and Australian products.

The florist had some amazing native flowers for sale.

Also the meat looked and smelled delicious. It’s great how they cook up their meat on the BBQ so you can have some lunch, then buy some meat to cook at home for dinner. This is from ‘Farm gate to Plate’.

There were also some amazing chopping boards you could buy. This was ‘Mar and Par’s Unique Kitchen Boards’. The timber they mostly use is Camphor Laurel which has high anti bacterial qualities and is very durable.

Are there Farmers Markets in other countries, or is this a uniquely Australian thing?

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  1. Oh yes, we have them as often as two to four times a week and I am pretty sure you will find one every day of the week between places, except maybe on Sundays and Mondays. I am privileged to choose from four different ones a week 🤩.

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      1. I know. That way, every place has its magic. I love the Christmas markets, let me blog about it once it is in full swing ✨. Did you know that they start on December 1 and only end on December 24? We have plenty of time to have a Glühwein and enjoy the special atmosphere 🤩.

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  2. Yes! I have just visited Summer Land Camel Farm at Harrisville outside Brisbane and it’s the foremost camel farm in Australia, if not the world, and I tasted camel milk, cream and cheese. Blog post coming up!


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