Halloween is pretty crap in Australia

I don’t think any Australian will disagree with this. No one celebrated Halloween when I was growing up. It was viewed as an ‘American Thing’. We watched it celebrated on TV and thought how much fun it looked.

These days, if you didn’t have kids and you didn’t have a fancy dress party to attend, you wouldn’t know what day was Halloween. On my way home from work today, I found one house with a hedge covered in fake spider web. That’s it. They had the sprinkler going and I don’t think that stuff is water proof.

That is seriously the best decorated house I could find.

There is an attempt at this celebration, but a lot of people don’t like asking others for sweets. A lot of houses wouldn’t be prepared and wouldn’t have a lot of sweets.

Also, the shops sell some Halloween decorations, but I don’t know how well they sell. One of the big supermarkets last year sold Jack o lantern pumpkins, but no one really knew what to do with it.

So really, Halloween is a nice idea, but some still need a bit more convincing.

Do you celebrate Halloween in your country?

19 thoughts on “Halloween is pretty crap in Australia

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  1. The last years in Greece they have began to celebrate this … but it is so American thing as you wrote and i don’t think that it has the same fun as there in its country!!
    Thank you for following my blog!! Let’s start a new friendship Melissa!!!
    Have beautiful moments!!!!

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  2. In Mexico it was like Australia until the 1970s; I think the idea just fell right in place with the already very ancient tradition of Day of the Dead. I guess adding a fun Halloween night (Oct 31) right before the solemnity of All Saints’ Day (Nov 1) and Day of the Dead (Nov 2) was too good to resist! The proximity to the USA, of course, had a lot to do with it. I live in Canada now, and it is big here; I must confess to this day I am still on the fence about the “trick or treat part” (I mean, it is basically “free candy or else”, but the kids are so cute in their costumes, so …)

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  3. Having lived in America I am kind of glad it is still crap in Australia. In my home town a few houses had a go and I saw a few kids in costume but it was rare. I guess you know only the decorated houses will give you lollies?

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