End of the school year

I didn’t get to write a blog post during November as I was so busy at work. Schools around Australia are getting ready for the Summer holidays. Teachers are marking yearly exams, writing reports, putting up Christmas decorations and preparing end of year picnics to the beach. It’s an incredibly busy time, and then we get 6 weeks school holidays.

It makes sense to me to end the school year at the end of the year. Each school term is about 10 weeks long and then we have 2 weeks holiday. In our Summer holidays, we celebrate Christmas and Australia day in January.

Kids start kindergarten when they are 4.5 or 5 then finish primary school at the end of year 6. High School starts in year 7 and goes to year 12. Then they usually go to get a trade or go to university.

We have state schools, Catholic schools or independent, which can cost a lot. My son goes to the local state school which is a great little school with 600 students. It is surrounded by bush (forest) and they often have bush walks.

Also most schools have a school uniform. Even socks and hairstyle need to be a certain way for each school.

What are schools like where you are from?

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  1. It does make sense for the school year to run to the calendar year! Here in the UK, they run Sept – July usually, so the new school year starts in September. The new academic term at universities usually start in October, so having gone through the system like that, I always find that time of year feels like the start of a new beginning, rather then January! It’s strange that so many years after I have left school/uni, it still feels like that!

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  2. In the USA, we start school in mid to late August. They have two weeks off at Christmas in December, a week off in the springtime (March). The two and a half month summer is what they all look forward to having, from June to mid August.

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  3. We really have a sense that January is the start of a new year. Our fireworks are massive too, just to remind us. That is strange that you feel like a different month is the start of the year.


  4. In Belgium: kindergarten, primary and secondary schools start at the beginning of September and in in June. College / uni starts end Sept / begin October.

    School choice is very open. Uniforms are rare.

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    1. Well, depending on the age: their parents?

      Rich kids will (be able to) show off wealth anyway; being it by the brand of clothing, their shoes, their backpack or phone, travel stories…

      I don’t think the issue is uhm an issue.

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