The Australian Museum

The Australian museum is one of those places that you visit on school excursions growing up, or you go on rainy days with your parents to see the latest exhibit.

There are some exhibits that have been there forever that I always love to see, like the insect collection and the rock collection. They also have stuffed kangaroos and snakes. The head masks from Papua New Guinea appealed to my son.

The entrance has a replica of a set of fossilised Aboriginal footprints dating back over 60 000 years.

They also had an exhibit of really all the old stuff they have had for the last 200 years. Much of it was skeletons and ceremonial masks.

The museum is in College St in Sydney.

Also we stopped at the Queen Victoria building.

In the picture above you can see the new tram tracks that are being built. In the past, Sydney had trams, then they were pulled up to make way for cars, and now the tracks are returning.

Opposite the Queen Victoria building is a lovely cafe called the Grounds of the city, where I got a coffee.

We had sushi for lunch upstairs from the cafe.

A great end to a great day in the city.

5 thoughts on “The Australian Museum

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    1. The location is really convenient and they exhibits are really good for Australian animals and plants (we don’t have any archaeological artifacts like Europe) so if you had a couple of hours to spare I’d see it.

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  1. Ah, Melissa, you had me a bit envious of living in such a beautiful city…up until the sushi! What, no burgers? 😲
    Kidding, of course. It’s interesting that the trams are coming back. Is it because of heavy car traffic or nostalgia,do you think?

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