The Australian Museum

The Australian museum is one of those places that you visit on school excursions growing up, or you go on rainy days with your parents to see the latest exhibit. There are some exhibits that have been there forever that I always love to see, like the insect collection and the rock collection. They also... Continue Reading →

Sydney New Years Eve fireworks

Every year the fireworks in Sydney Harbour get bigger and better, apart from a few pacific islands and New Zealand, we are the first to celebrate NYE. Our fireworks are pretty good and there are many places to view them from. New years eve was a very hot day and many people got to their... Continue Reading →

Mt Keira, Wollongong

Today we went rock climbing at Mt Keira at Wollongong. Wollongong is the 10th largest city in Australia, just 40 minutes drive south of Sydney. It has some great beaches, a university and the mountain range which includes Mt Keira to the west. This is the view of Wollongong and surrounding towns from Mt Keira.... Continue Reading →

Sculptures by the sea

Sculptures by the Sea is a coastal walk with sculptures from Bondi to Tamarama beach. Each year it gets bigger and better, with local and international artists entering the competition. They get about 500 000 visitors each year. Bondi beach The sculptures work in well with the environment. They are also humorous. They are all... Continue Reading →

Sydney sightseeing

Today I was a tourist in my own city. I managed to see all the sights for free in one morning, walking at a leisurely pace. I also managed to keep clear of shops and enjoy the beauty of the city and it's history, minus the commercialism. There are a lot of stairs, so this... Continue Reading →

Tasmania- so underrated

Tasmania is the small island south of the mainland of Australia. Many Australians and also tourists don't venture this far south, which is a shame because it is so beautiful and different to mainland Australia. To get there, the ship 'The Spirit of Tasmania' sails twice a day in summer, every 12 hours and you... Continue Reading →

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