Where to call home?

Today I interviewed a lovely lady called Sue Mc Cormack who has lived in Queensland, Sydney, Canberra and currently Melbourne. Here she compares what it's like living in each city. Australians are leaving Sydney. For more than four decades, Sydney has lost more people than it has gained, and Australians are leading the charge. According... Continue Reading →

Strange Weather…

NSW is 100% in drought.   South coast, near Ulladulla My son went to school yesterday dressed up like a farmer, and took along $5 to donate to the cause. Some farmers are really struggling. For the first time in recorded history, 100% of the state of NSW is in¬†¬†drought Over the last 10-20 years... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

My name is Melissa and I've lived all my life in Australia (apart from a 3 month stint in London). I've never really considered what life was like living here until I married my Hungarian husband Gergo. We have a son Oliver and live in Sydney. To say there have been culture clashes is an... Continue Reading →

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