Where to go on holidays?

Last night I slept by the sounds of the Pacific Ocean as kangaroos and wombats moved silently around our tent. My friends and I have driven 2 and a half hours south of Sydney to a little town on the coast called Bendalong. It is situated on a headland, with a surf beach named after... Continue Reading →

Conversations in a caravan park

I'm holidaying in a caravan park this week at a place over 2 hours drive south of Sydney. I was walking in the same direction as a girl, who was about 10 years old and we struck up this conversation. Me 'hello' Girl 'hello, I've lost my grandparents' Me 'oh, are you lost?' Girl '... Continue Reading →

Sydney sightseeing

Today I was a tourist in my own city. I managed to see all the sights for free in one morning, walking at a leisurely pace. I also managed to keep clear of shops and enjoy the beauty of the city and it's history, minus the commercialism. There are a lot of stairs, so this... Continue Reading →

Tasmania- so underrated

Tasmania is the small island south of the mainland of Australia. Many Australians and also tourists don't venture this far south, which is a shame because it is so beautiful and different to mainland Australia. To get there, the ship 'The Spirit of Tasmania' sails twice a day in summer, every 12 hours and you... Continue Reading →

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