Kangaroos, mother of the year, or maybe not?

Kangaroos are found all over Australia, in every habitat. Snow, desert, rainforest, beach scrub, dry sclerophyll, you name it, they are there. Eastern Grey Kangaroo Some are big, small, red, grey and can even climb trees. They have great names too, such as the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby, which, as the name suggests, is found... Continue Reading →

Why would you leave Australia?

My friend Eva is leaving Australia. I interviewed her about why she was leaving and her thoughts on her years spent living in Australia. Not many 19 year olds would leave their home, travel to the other side of the world and learn english for 6 months, but that was Eva's plan 14 years ago.... Continue Reading →

Street Art Caringbah Part 3

Caringbah is a strange suburb. It is quite expensive to buy a house there, but there are also a lot of housing commission units. The Centerlink office (unemployment or other government benefits) is next to a home interior designer shop and an expensive cake shop. Artist Camo I like how this building worked around the... Continue Reading →

Street art Caringbah, Sydney, part 2

Here are some more pictures from Caringbah, the local paper interviewed the mayor. Carmelo Pesce said, in some areas in the shire where street artists had been engaged for very small projects, crime and graffiti had reduced by almost 85 per cent. This piece was painted around a corner. The state government provided $50,000 for... Continue Reading →

Street art Caringbah, Sydney Part 1

Caringbah is a suburb in Sydney's south. It is an area that is plagued by vandalism. The council decided to do something about it by employing artists to paint murals on the walls. Participating artists: Zac Bennett Brook, Oz King, Maid, Lord Mischief & Camo, Mulga, Mayonaize & Peque, Onejessa, Ears, Pudl & Snarl, George... Continue Reading →

My poor lemon tree

This is a picture of my poor lemon tree It doesn't look well. I planted it 4 years ago and so far I've had one lemon grow. This is what happens to a leaf that thinks it can survive outside the netting. The deer that roam through my backyard just have their way with it.... Continue Reading →

Spring has sprung!

Finally it is the first day of Spring! We also got some rain last night which was most needed. Here is a picture of the first flower on this bush in my front garden. The large majority of Australian plants are evergreen, they don't loose their leaves. So our trees are green all year round.... Continue Reading →

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