A horse race that stops a nation!

I'm not joking, at 3pm tomorrow afternoon, work will stop, lessons in schools will stop, all activity will stop for a horse race. Everyone in Melbourne will take the whole day off for the Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup is held on the first Tuesday of November every year at 3pm. Originally only Australian horses... Continue Reading →

My poor lemon tree

This is a picture of my poor lemon tree It doesn't look well. I planted it 4 years ago and so far I've had one lemon grow. This is what happens to a leaf that thinks it can survive outside the netting. The deer that roam through my backyard just have their way with it.... Continue Reading →

The birds

I hate birds. I think I got this fear from when I was little. My dad sent me into the bird cage to clean it out. I was small enough to go in there and the canaries would perch on their little branches looking down at me. I don't think they appreciated the lengths I... Continue Reading →

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