Australia Day

Australia Day is the 26th January and is a public holiday across the nation. Most people head for the beach and have a picnic with friends and family. Sydney Harbour has a ferry race and there are fairs at many parks. In 1788 the first fleet arrived from Britain and it was the day our... Continue Reading →

Sculptures by the sea

Sculptures by the Sea is a coastal walk with sculptures from Bondi to Tamarama beach. Each year it gets bigger and better, with local and international artists entering the competition. They get about 500 000 visitors each year. Bondi beach The sculptures work in well with the environment. They are also humorous. They are all... Continue Reading →

Where to go on holidays?

Last night I slept by the sounds of the Pacific Ocean as kangaroos and wombats moved silently around our tent. My friends and I have driven 2 and a half hours south of Sydney to a little town on the coast called Bendalong. It is situated on a headland, with a surf beach named after... Continue Reading →

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