Sydney New Years Eve fireworks

Every year the fireworks in Sydney Harbour get bigger and better, apart from a few pacific islands and New Zealand, we are the first to celebrate NYE. Our fireworks are pretty good and there are many places to view them from. New years eve was a very hot day and many people got to their... Continue Reading →

Sydney sightseeing

Today I was a tourist in my own city. I managed to see all the sights for free in one morning, walking at a leisurely pace. I also managed to keep clear of shops and enjoy the beauty of the city and it's history, minus the commercialism. There are a lot of stairs, so this... Continue Reading →

Why would you leave Australia?

My friend Eva is leaving Australia. I interviewed her about why she was leaving and her thoughts on her years spent living in Australia. Not many 19 year olds would leave their home, travel to the other side of the world and learn english for 6 months, but that was Eva's plan 14 years ago.... Continue Reading →

Street Art Caringbah Part 3

Caringbah is a strange suburb. It is quite expensive to buy a house there, but there are also a lot of housing commission units. The Centerlink office (unemployment or other government benefits) is next to a home interior designer shop and an expensive cake shop. Artist Camo I like how this building worked around the... Continue Reading →

Street art Caringbah, Sydney Part 1

Caringbah is a suburb in Sydney's south. It is an area that is plagued by vandalism. The council decided to do something about it by employing artists to paint murals on the walls. Participating artists: Zac Bennett Brook, Oz King, Maid, Lord Mischief & Camo, Mulga, Mayonaize & Peque, Onejessa, Ears, Pudl & Snarl, George... Continue Reading →

Where to call home?

Today I interviewed a lovely lady called Sue Mc Cormack who has lived in Queensland, Sydney, Canberra and currently Melbourne. Here she compares what it's like living in each city. Australians are leaving Sydney. For more than four decades, Sydney has lost more people than it has gained, and Australians are leading the charge. According... Continue Reading →

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